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9 Low-Key Outfits I’m Relying on This Winter

When it comes to styling everyday outfits for winter, there are a lot of variables to consider. 1) Staying warm is of the utmost importance. 2) Being able to move in your many, many layers is another key factor. And 3) looking stylish, which doesn’t have to fall to the bottom of your priority list. You’ll be pleased to hear that there is a way to tick off all of these winter-dressing multitudes, and that’s by following the exemplary outfits that I’ve laid out below. 

Throwing open my wardrobe doors, I know I have all the pieces I need to create chic outfits this winter; what I’m lacking in is inspiration. As such, I’ve been saving casual winter outfit ideas on my Instagram for weeks now, and there are nine standout looks that I can’t wait to try—most of which I’m pretty sure I can assemble with pieces I already own or, at the very least, close alternatives.

Scroll below to see casual winter outfit ideas fashion people are already wearing, along with current shopping options for each should you find something you want to invest in that you don’t already own. Enjoy!