Men's Fashion

The Top 22 Products of ’22

These are the softest huaraches you’ll ever wear. They’re cut from roughcut leather for a suede look (with the comfy smooth side is next to your foot).”

A no-frills sneaker, it features textured canvas and 50% Parley ocean plastic—reimagined unwanted plastic, intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities and shorelines—for extra added karma.”

Like Dickie’s cooler older cousin, Blacksmith specializes in workwear that is made with intention and integrity.”

The best part is that these slippers will break in with each wear, allowing the leather to contour to your feet, making for a more comfortable footwear option for years to come.”

It’s something from a different era—an item that doesn’t quite belong. Yet it adds an air of sophistication and yes, even a touch of danger.”