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I Just Elevated a Few Simple Items Into 6 Trending Outfits—Here’s How

It’s no secret that activewear can—and frankly, should—be worn outside of the gym. The eternal ease of perfect-fit leggings and a non-wired bra is reason alone, but for me, it isn’t just a case for comfort. It’s an argument for style. Some of the world’s best dressed are those that embrace athleisure in their everyday wardrobes. Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Ashley Graham (to name a few) are amongst those that are often captured on the streets sporting their gym kit. Arguably, this aesthetic was popularised by Princess Diana and her now-iconic oversized sweater and cycling shorts, which she’d wear to and from the gym. But let’s make one thing abundantly clear: I’m not just talking post-workout wear. I’m suggesting actively selecting activewear as a choice of dress, regardless of whether you went for a run this morning, last week or last year. The bottom line: Buy it for fitness, but wear it for fashion.

One brand making waves when it comes to bridging the two is PANGAIA, which is known for its trailblazing approach to wardrobe essentials. What it lacks in frills and fuss it makes up for in quality and sustainability credentials. For its latest activewear capsule, Activewear 3.0, there’s a step up in innovative material science. Each piece from the capsule (which comes in black, dark green and a bright blue hue) is created with a first-to-market part plant-based Creora elastane—the only elastane in the world to not be 100% fully fossil-fuel based—for added stretch. What’s more, each style contains plant-based nylon that comes from castor beans (yes, you read that correctly), and is treated with natural peppermint oil (PPRMINT), which neutralises odour and bacteria, keeping garments fresher for longer.