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I Keep Seeing These New Cult Trainers All Over London

If I were to sum up fashion at the moment it would be nostalgic. Since the large fashion houses began sorting through their archives to revive long-forgotten silhouettes and icon pieces (think the Prada Re-Nylon or the Fendi baguette) the fashion scene has been looking back for the trends of tomorrow. In terms of clothing, we’ve watched the the cargo pant revival, trending corset tops and even oversized silhouettes come back into style that are all reminiscent of 90s and 00s style. Evidently, footwear got the memo, leading the shoes of the moment to be “old” styles, notably the return of ballet flats, riding boots and leggings, and even kitten heels. In the trainer world, brands have looked even further back to reissue decades-old gems that are returning, reinvented, to join the retro theme. So, it’s no surprise that when New Balance released the 327’s, a reimagined version of the 70’s running shoe, the London fashion set immediately bought in.