Alberto Perazzolo is the Chic Man of Boucheron Singulier

Model Alberto Perazzolo stars in the Boucheron Singulier fragrance campaign. Photo: Quentin De Briey / Boucheron

Boucheron brings forth an exciting new scent for 2022: Boucheron Singulier. Noted perfumer Caroline Dumar crafted this Eau de Parfum, encapsulating the Parisian essence of Boucheron in every whiff!

Boucheron Singulier Fragrance Campaign / Photo: Boucheron

Boucheron Singulier Men’s Fragrance

Crafted around a signature woody note—cedar—it adds structure and complexity to the composition. Cedar is magnetic and timeless yet modern at once; combined with other intoxicating ingredients, it reveals its full richness, sure to captivate your senses.

Embodying the Boucheron man, Alberto Perazzolo is a sleek vision in a monochrome navy look for the Boucheron Singulier fragrance campaign. Photo: Quentin De Briey / Boucheron

Who is the Boucheron Singulier Model?

Boucheron Singulier’s new advertising campaign is here and does not disappoint! Quentin De Briey photographs the advert with a creative eye for chic angles. Meanwhile, Alberto Perazzolo appears as the face of this men’s fragrance in a series of picture-perfect shots taken against Parisian streets.

Donning a navy peacoat and pleated trousers, Alberto Perazzolo fronts the Boucheron Singulier fragrance campaign. Photo: Quentin De Briey / Boucheron

Grooming by makeup artist Karin Westerlund ensures that Alberto looks immaculate. At the same time, Giovanni Dario Laudicina styles the Boucheron star perfectly in contemporary navy-on-navy attire, including a sophisticated peacoat and pleated trousers—what more could you want?

On the move, model Alberto Perazzolo stars in the new Boucheron Singulier fragrance campaign. Photo: Quentin De Briey / Boucheron

What Does Boucheron Singulier Smell Like?

“This aromatic woody fragrance is built on cedar, representing my vision of a new classic while remaining modern,” explains perfumer Caroline Dumar. “I used the two qualities of cedar to emphasize the creamy nature of this ingredient as well as its slightly smoky side.” 

Boucheron Singulier offers a woody aromatic scent. Photo: Boucheron

Caroline Dumar describes how the composition of Boucheron Singulier works harmoniously. “These combine perfectly with the aromatic notes of sage and lavender,” says the perfumer. “It’s like I’ve dressed this gorgeous wood in many different shades of blue.”

Dumar adds, “I also played with two types of patchouli by mixing its essence with healingwood, a fraction of this ingredient stripped of old-fashioned accents, which gives this ingredient a real sophistication.”

The Boucheron Singulier fragrance is a luxurious, unique scent that transports you to the streets of Paris. Upon the first spray, top notes of bergamot, juniper berries, and grapefruit tantalize the senses with crisp, refreshing aromas.

At the heart of Boucheron Singulier lies an intoxicating blend of lavender, geranium, and clary sage that infuses the fragrance with a light, floral undertone.

Finally, base notes of warm cedarwood and earthy vetiver round out this sophisticated scent, creating an unforgettable experience for any man who wears Boucheron Singulier.

Final Words

So if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and exude effortless confidence and style, Boucheron Singulier is the perfect fragrance for you. Whether you’re enjoying a night out with friends or simply savoring your alone time, Boucheron Singulier will always accompany you on your journey.