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I’ve Found My Perfect Party Dress (and It’s From Marks and Spencer)

I ordered it at the end of October; a beautiful navy-blue satin dress with a refined high neckline and pretty puff sleeves. I slipped it on—how flattering! I added sparkly shoes—how glam! Admittedly, I was smug. I’d found the perfect party dress at Marks and Spencer, and knowing how much you all love an M&S find, I was beyond excited to share it with you. By the time I’d taken my obligatory outfit snaps, however, it had all but sold out, save for incredibly low stock levels in a couple of sizes. 

Fast-forward to December, and the dress has been almost untraceable since—as we speak, it currently has the most stock I’ve seen since I bought it, so if you love it as much as I do, click quick. Still, hope is not lost, for the brand has just released a new gold lamé iteration with the added update of a chic V-shape waistline, which, I dare say, is still in stock! With a busy few weeks ahead, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to invest in it, too; this dress really is that good. Given the fact that trending M&S items usually sell out at lightning speed, I need to make my decision quickly.