Mango Suits: Thibaud Dresses Up for the Occasion

Thibaud Charon dons Mango’s camel coat with an elegant suit, shirt, and tie. Photo: Mango

As we plan our holiday wardrobe, Mango hopes to make a solid proposal with its latest men’s edit. The fashion brand suggests a rediscovery of the suit’s power with its sharp pieces “Suited for the Occasion.” If you’re in the market for well-tailored menswear at an accessible price, look no further.

Dressed to inspire, Thibaud Charon models a double-breasted suit with a crewneck sweater and leather boots by Mango. Photo: Mango

Mango Man Suits

Mango offers sartorial menswear that is versatile enough to dress for most occasions. From the contemporary slim fit to the classic double-breasted, these suits stand out by providing impeccable fits and endless styling possibilities. So, look further for inspiration if you’re dressing up for a holiday party or a black-tie event.

Embracing monochrome style, Thibaud Charon wears a navy dress shirt and trousers by Mango. Photo: Mango

Model Thibaud Charon represents the Mango man for the season. The French model provides style inspiration in elegant ensembles—from classic suiting to the modern styling of individual pieces. For example, following recent trends, Thibaud keeps things simple but chic in a monochrome navy dress shirt and trousers outfit.

French model Thibaud Charon wears a Mango dress shirt in black with gray pleated suit trousers. Photo: Mango

Mango’s suits for men offer something special—impeccable fits and endless styling possibilities that can take you from casual to formal affairs, whatever the occasion. From the traditional tailored look of a double-breasted jacket to the modern slim-fit suit, Mango offers stylish pieces that will make any man feel confident in his clothing.