Love and All Its Colors Show Through Music and Amazing Visuals: Roni Davis’ Color Code Dating Team Presents “Mr. Persistence” x “Aniah Purpose” New Hit Single

In this digital age, the dating landscape has quickly and vastly developed. From the classic “dropping your handkerchief” move, now it is possible to meet someone with a simple swipe. Many algorithms have been developed to compute compatibility and chances of love between two people. While there are a lucky few who did find love in these ways, some are still holding out and waiting to find love more organically.

In her book titled “How to be Single,” Roni Davis developed the Color Code Dating Method to help those who are in need of clarity regarding their relationships and overall dating life. The Color Code Dating Method advises people to use six colors, namely black, red, blue, green, yellow, and orange, to identify the natural energies they feel when meeting a potential mate. All these colors correspond to a role or persona. When using this method, one can assign a color to a person based on what they can potentially be or what their current standing is in one’s life.

Roni also talks about The Love Cycle, which provides stages of a relationship so people can identify where their current relationship stands and is headed. The Love Cycle dedicates a specific stage for self-care, self-love, and self-discovery. This stage precedes the stage of readiness to date. As Roni advises, “The importance of self-love is vital for anyone to truly embrace a love interest or mating partner.”

While the Color Coded Method is indeed a unique way to approach dating, the core reasons for the development of dating apps and dating websites are still very much present. Society still lives very past-faced lives and is faced with fewer and fewer opportunities for face-to-face interactions. The effort to go out and meet people is still needed for this method to work. Essentially, similar to other dating methods and approaches, the work still starts within ourselves. Roni has created another way to help readers and pro-dating society members navigate their color code experience through the song “Mr. Persistence.”

The character of Mr. Persistence was born during Mauricio Marte’s days as a comedian. Years ago, while he was writing joke concepts, she thought it would be a funny idea to create a cologne named “Persistence” with the tagline, “it’ll work… eventually.” “I want to create a world where maybe your kids won’t have to see or become this type of person,” he said.

The idea was to create a character in a scenario that has become so ridiculously common in reality: the “Persistent Pursuer,” someone who continuously tries and tries with no real effort and eventually becomes tiresome as they advance nowhere and are left to learn or loop back into their persistent behavior.

While working with the Color Coded Crew as Director,  Mauricio Marte brought the concept to Roni, who immediately fell in love with the character. Shortly after Pro Dating Society executive member, actress and artist Aniah Purpose created the hook, melodies and and her verses, It was then a snowball from there — the team expanded the idea and delivered the message through different artistic elements, not just through mock ads but a song, a music video, and a holiday special squeezed out at the last minute.

With Mauricio Marte and Aniah Purpose’s creative inputs paired with Roni’s platform and ideas, the trio was able to co-create a fun and teachable experience. “As an artist, I have been able to spread my wings and create great content for the crew and for the world to see,” Aniah shared.

Aniah and her partner Mauricio Marte came up with a catchy way to expand the notion of “No, means NO,” cleverly delivering the point through a visualization that represents how women prefer being listened to and respected over being ignored and pursued relentlessly. “As it stands, most of the content created today shies away from the idea of women being human beings and having a say-so when it comes to how we want to be treated,” she explained. “We created Mr. Persistence to represent women in a good light while also ousting the men who just don’t seem to get it, in a satirical and funny way.”

Roni Davis, Aniah Purpose, and the Color Coded Crew usher in the holidays with a little satire and fun as it releases “Color Code Your Life,” which adopts the tune of the Christmas classic, “Jingle Bells.” The song and its music video were creatively crafted to show the different dating personalities and how to navigate each one accordingly. With how fun and informative they can be, “Mr. Persistence” and “Color Code Your Life” will surely be a hit.

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