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Get Ready to See These New Street Style Trends Everywhere in 2023

If there’s one way to get a read on what we’ll actually be wearing next season, it’s by examining the street style trends of the previous fashion month. Yes, what comes down the runways is always important, but often, it’s what happens outside the shows that carries even more influence, especially in our day-to-day wardrobes. There’s just something about seeing real people styling trends for real life (okay, fashion week) that makes them seem much easier to re-create.

The street style set—whether it’s editors, influencers, buyers or celebrities—have, for a while now, been masters of both following and setting trends. And although some looks can still be a little out there (any of the Loewe S/S 23 collection is a case in point), the majority are elevated takes on everyday outfits. So they’re our first go-to for clever styling tricks, unexpected combinations or hero pieces that ignite the trends we end up wearing for many years to come. 

So what was worth taking note of outside the spring/summer 2023 shows? As the fashion crowd was still getting used to the return of the full schedule, showgoers seemed to either embrace a more casual tone or go all out. Knitted dresses, leather staples and oversized jumpers paired with loose trousers were at the more relaxed end of the scale, while bold suits, miniskirts and colour-pop bags were at the other. Our favourite spot, though? Probably the clever layering of tonal shades that you can bet we’ll be replicating as soon as the risk of muddy puddles subsides. Don’t even mention snow. 

So keep scrolling to see and shop the best street style trends of 2023, and make next year your most stylish yet.


Style Notes: We already know that greens are good for you, but did you know they’re beneficial for your wardrobe too? Inject a healthy dose of colour into your closet with the punchy, bright shades of green that were spotted everywhere from Copenhagen to New York. We have a lot to thank Daniel Lee for (most notably making “Bottega green” one of the biggest success stories of recent years), but if wearing the full colour head to toe isn’t quite for you, break up the apple and citrus with palette cleansing beiges and understated accessories. 


Style Notes: Good tailoring never ages, but sometimes it does need a seasonal refresh to help keep it ahead of the curve. While we’re still wearing last season’s oversized blazers and wide-leg trousers, there are plenty of new tailoring trends to consider too. From knee-length shorts to clever cut-outs, exaggerated collars to mismatched suits, the most head-turning and expensive-looking outfits all have one thing in common: sharp silhouettes that up the dress factor.


Style Notes: Every season gives us a new print trend that we can rely on, and it can be confirmed that we are no longer “hot for the spot,” as S/S 23 is undoubtedly about the statement stripe. I’m going to include pinstripes in this category, too (mainly because they work so well with the bold suiting trend), but if there were one hero piece that showed up time and again on the street style set, it would be the stripy maxi dress. From Chloé to COS, Missoni to Marks and Spencer, stripes are back, and until summer calls for a shirts-and-shorts co-ord, we’ll be wrapping up in vibrant, stripy knits.


Style Notes: If you could only take one trend with you from A/W 22 into next year, let it be the knee-high boot. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is swapping their reliable ankle boots for something a little taller, and the newly rekindled love affair for the knee-high shows no signs of slowing down for the New Year. While we’re wearing them now with long dresses or tucked-in leggings, they’re also the perfect transitional boot to wear in the beginning of spring with a miniskirt and blazer, so consider these all-year-rounders a very wise investment. 


Style Notes: Keys? Check. Purse? Check. Phone? Check. Actually, it’s near on impossible to be unprepared with a practical trend like utility. There are simply too many pockets, after all.) The look is simple—tonal shades of khaki, green, camel and tan, and hero pieces the shacket, the tank top and newly revived cargo trouser, but the key pulling off the look with aplomb is adding a little polish. A minimal heel and a pair of black sunnies are the fashion person’s accessories of choice and make for the perfect weekend uniform that’s as comfortable as it is chic. 


Style Notes: From the A-list to royalty, it’s a widely known styling trick that the easiest way to look expensive and well put together is head-to-toe colour-blocking. Whether you’re laying sharp suits, dresses and knits or elevated separates and a winter coat, pairing pieces of the same palette is always a winner and takes the guesswork out of what will work with what. The bold suit is a favourite of some of the industry’s most stylish, but for a casual nod to trend, try pairing a cosy knit with loose, fluid trousers, and finishing with a comfortable pair of flats. 


Style Notes: A little less Britney and Justin and a little more modern, 2023 is all about doubling down on denim in all shapes, styles and washes. Embellished jackets, bleached skirts, patchwork jeans and baggy shirts were all over the streets of Copenhagen, London and New York, reaffirming the style as the cool girl’s trend of choice. Effortless, rebellious and risk-taking dressers, this is a trend you will excel at, as the new denim is all about the rock and roll spirit that you exude in spades. 


Style Notes: Refining your wardrobe for the season ahead? You’re going to need a little something to sweeten the deal. Twenty twenty-three takes the term “arm candy” quite literally, with all the best and buzziest bags being little morsels of candy-coloured goodness. Tiny totes, baby baguettes, small shoulder bags and cute clutches are the bags of choice this year, and it helps if they come in bold pops of bright colours to beat the winter blues.