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My Mum Is 54, and I’m 33—We’d Both Wear These Party Dresses

Highlighted hair, a penchant for espresso martinis, mitochondrial DNA; these are just a few of the many things my mother and I share. I spent my formative years in what felt like the midst of a permanent eye-roll when people would ask if we were sisters (something which, as I get older, we’re asked less and less. I’ll try not to dwell on that fact). The point I’m trying to make while procrastinating? We’re similar—very similar—in looks and taste, and that extends to our wardrobes. 

Almost every time I go to buy something, I pause, send a quick snap to my mum and ask, “do you already have this?”. More often than not, if she doesn’t have the exact piece, she’ll have something similar. And vice versa. Off the top of my head, items we’ve overlapped on include a pair of Dune boots, a green slip skirt from Zara, earrings from Missoma, a jumper from & Other Stories, and a dress from AllSaints. “It’s a witchy connection in us,” she tells me, and honestly, I find it hard to argue with that.