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Tips On Finding The Right Massage Table

The need for competent massage therapist services is increasing as massage services become more and more popular. But even the most skilled massage therapist requires good working equipment. Because of this, having a decent massage table on hand is crucial. Before buying a massage table, there are many important factors to consider. This kind of product is available in a broad variety, so you should carefully examine which model is appropriate for your job.

Which massage table to choose?

When you are looking for the ideal massage table, there are several types to pick from. You can find massage table for sale in many stores, including online stores, but before you make a purchase, find out which massage table is right for you and how to choose it. The main points to pay attention to before buying a massage table:

Construction type

We have the option of choosing between fixed or foldable massage tables depending on the nature of the work and the location.

  • A stationary massage table will be your best option if you spend a lot of time in the office. When working with the patient, it offers stability as well as the utmost comfort and convenience.
  • Folding massage table – If you do treatment sessions mostly at the homes of your clients or occasionally in leased spaces, think about getting a portable rehab table. The physiotherapy cot is smaller and lighter than typical tables, and it comes with a handy travelling box and a rapid height adjustment.

Material of manufacture

You must consider the equipment’s working circumstances if you want to understand how to pick a massage table based on the material of the tabletop. There are several possibilities:

  • aluminium – not afraid of moisture, strong and light, easy to care for;
  • wooden – stable and reliable, respectable and original in design.

Portable buildings are the major use for aluminium. Additionally, purchasing metal tables for installation in saunas or tubs with high humidity is advised. Massage tables made of wood appear more appealing. In the interior of reliable SPA facilities and the offices of qualified massage therapists, they appear organic. Because of the variety of design executions available, they can be chosen in exact harmony with the interior design of the space.

Table upholstery quality

Consider the following materials’ key characteristics when selecting the type of coating:

  • Natural leather is the most healthy and comfortable for the body, but it is also the most expensive;
  • Micropores in polyurethane provide optimal customer comfort and skin ventilation. strong, abrasion-resistant, and temperature-resistant material;
  • A useful water-repellent substance that works well in humid environments is polyvinyl chloride.

In the current circumstances, a stable, spacious table in a building with a lovely and even coating will help create ideal conditions for massage.

A few more tips for choosing a massage table

It should be remembered that a good massage table cannot be cheap. The masseur will be able to carry out his manipulations on a simple ottoman or couch, but then the quality of the service will be appropriate. A few more tips for choosing a massage table:

  • Table shape. There are models in the form of hourglass and regular rectangular ones. The first form is more convenient because it provides convenience to the client and allows the massage therapist to be as close as possible for the massage;
  • The standard length for a massage table is 185 cm and higher. This is the optimal size, which implies convenience for the client. If the length is shorter, most likely the legs will hang behind the tabletop, especially if the person is over 180 cm tall. If the length is too long, the width of the product itself increases proportionally, and this causes trouble for the massage therapist;
  • The height of the table must be adjustable. A model with parameters from 60 to 85 cm is considered correct.