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Angelina Jolie Just Wore the #1 Coat-and-Trouser Pairing for Winter

What initially caught my eye was her coat—a sublime wool robe coat complete with a rather practical hood. You could, however, argue that a hood is somewhat redundant in L.A., but I’ll give her a free pass. Hood debate aside, I was struck by just how versatile a coat choice hers is. From ‘S Max Mara, an easy-to-wear offshoot of Max Mara‘s mainline collection, such a coat would live quite happily in my wardrobe for a very, very long time. Pairing it with the year’s trouser silhouette to note, puddle pants, this look strikes the perfect balance of being completely and utterly timeless, whilst also appeasing the current fashion mood. Well played, Jolie. While her taupe round-toe court shoes will raise some eyebrows in the industry—it might shock you to learn that beige-tone pumps are divisive in style circles—on Jolie, they make sense.  

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