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This Is the Easiest Way to Fake a Salon-Grade Manicure

So here are a few tips. The first one is to wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Next, wipe down each fingernail with alcohol to remove any lingering oil from your nails. If you skip this step, your nails won’t last very long. Lastly, make sure you hold the press-on down for at least 10 seconds to make sure the glue adheres to your nails. As for washing your hands, be sure to thoroughly dry your hands after each wash to prevent water from getting under your press-on. And if for some reason one pops off, always keep a spare tube of glue in your bag. Popping a press-on back on is easy, so there’s no need to fret.

Now let’s get into some of our favorite press-on picks for yo ur next at-home manicure.