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These ’80s Hairstyles Are Having a Major Comeback

Trends come and go, but one thing that is for sure is that the fashion and beauty industries will forever look to past decades for inspiration. Seventies and ’90s hairstyles made a huge comeback recently, with curtain bangs and bouncy ’90s supermodel blowouts becoming more and more popular.

However, when you think of trending hairstyles, the ’80s might not be the first decade that springs to mind. After all, it created a bad rap for perms, and it’s not a decade that the fashion-and-beauty world typically looks back on fondly. Some trends like bold blusher and giant shoulder pads are unlikely to hit the mainstream as they once did.

However, the ’80s were a pioneering decade for haircuts and hairstyles. It is often know as the era for big hair, and while you might jump to think that ’80s hairstyles are totally unwearable now, we’re here to show you otherwise. Whether it be a celebratory mood post-lockdown or a nod to Beyoncé’s ’80s pop–inspired Renaissance, we’ve seen ’80s hairstyles everywhere from celebrities to models and the cool girls stepping out of the salon. Read on for the best looks we’ve spotted and the key products to re-create each.