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We Tried the Bespoke Hair Colour Service That Hairdressers Swear By

When you work in fashion and beauty, there’s no better time than the beginning of a new season. New seasons mean new collections to wear, products to try, weather to dress for and often, a refreshed cycle of trends to discover. With more micro-trends emerging every day on social media, we’ve noticed a shift away from traditional beauty trends as people move towards feel-good beauty regimens that harness their personal styles and moods. This is also the case with hair—just ask any hairdresser in the know (or refer to our beauty editor, as I often do), and they’ll tell you that whether you’re after a lob or a bob, want to go blonder or try the copper colour of the moment, it’s all about making the trend work for your hair, not making your hair work for the trend. This is echoed by Larry King, the Redken ambassador who has over 20 years of styling experience. “Recently, I’ve noticed hair trends have shifted to more subtle seasonal themes, and now more than ever, people are looking to make trends work for them and not the other way around,” he says. “In the salon, clients are less concerned about the latest viral trend because everyone else is trying it. They want mood-enhancing, timeless hair colour and cuts bespoke to their personal style.” In line with this thinking, since the beginning of this new season, I’ve been looking for custom beauty services that are made to match my needs and enhance my style.

One service that’s all about tailoring trends to your personal style is Redken’s Shades EQ Liquid Color, an in-salon hair service that uses a huge range of gloss toners (including a clear glaze) to create a hair colour bespoke to you. It can be applied as a quick, stand-alone service to perfect your tone or during your regular colour appointment to create a made-to-measure dimensional shade. It sounds good, but what makes it different from other salon colours?