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Holiday Survival Guide: Avoid the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are upon us. And that means cold dark days, a fair amount of stress and even more goodies on offer—from drinks and treats to big meals and plates of sweets brought into the office or delivered to your place. Which is why for most people, this time of year also means softening up and putting on a little weight. Sure, it might sound a little premature to be thinking about this now, but according to Cornell University researchers, the average American starts putting on weight in October, and the pounds you gain between Halloween and Christmas can take five months to lose.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are real ways to avoid packing on those dreaded seasonal pounds, derailing the work you did all summer and fall. As we all know, the pudge doesn’t disappear with the decorations. And nobody wants to start the new year in the hole, body-wise, right?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t indulge. Far from it. The holiday season is all about celebrating. Have fun with friends, go wild at the office party, get together with your loved ones and enjoy yourself. Everything in moderation, right? Here’s how to have your fun while tackling all the food spreads and hectic schedules without throwing away your healthy habits.