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An Expert Just Told Me the New Way to Wear Diamonds, and I’m Sold

When I think of diamonds, I think of special occasions. Engagement rings, big birthday gifts, or perhaps if you’re a celebrity, red carpet events. In essence, I have always kept my precious stones for, well, precious moments! And while buying diamonds isn’t something we do daily, French jewellery designer Valérie Messika says that wearing them certainly should be. Her eponymous label still encourages celebratory jewellery, but its focus is on the idea of “everyday diamonds,” aka spectacular stones that are artfully crafted, beautifully designed, but styled and enjoyed for every day and any occasion.

Before founding her brand in 2005, the born and bred Parisian gained all her expertise from her father, noted diamond merchant André Messika. So you could say this brand has generations of knowledge and expertise despite its young age. Messika’s Parisian upbringing, generational jewellery knowledge, and It-girl status (check out her Instagram) make her the ultimate expert when it comes to jewellery trends and purchasing diamonds. So naturally, I was excited to get the inside scoop about her designs, the changing culture of diamond buying and her tips on styling fine jewellery in untraditional and contemporary ways.