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8 Low-Key Outfits That Are Perfect For Wearing to the Pub

After months (and months) of blank diary pages, chances are your social calendar is now full up with catch-ups with friends, which are, most likely, going to be held at the pub. But since we’ve not had that much practice of late (getting dressed for being outside, that is), we decided to help you out. 

Just because you don’t require a ball gown and elbow-length gloves doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort for your next pub visit. If you want to wear your most fabulous dress, go for it! Joggers more your thing? That works, too. Still, if you’re looking for an ensemble somewhere in the middle, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve outlined seven outfits that strike the perfect low-key chic balance but don’t feel too OTT for your surroundings. Keep scrolling for perfect pub-ready looks to wear for your next trip down to the local, freeing you up to concentrate on more important things like your drink order.