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Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Cozy season is officially upon us. And we’re embracing it. Bring on the leftover Halloween candy, early sunsets and the warmth of the heaviest throw blanket that spent the last six months tucked deep into the back of a closet.

One lazy Sunday may’ve already been dedicated to diving into storage and retrieving the best cardigans and flannels to officially transition into winter. The old favorites are back—from the waxed Barbour to the insulated puffer that still has an old N95 tucked into the chest pocket. But one cold weather accessory that rarely gets to sniff that fresh autumn air could still get more action than any of the standard outerwear: the slipper. And it might be worth saving up to get something that will last and make lounging at home even more relaxing.

Best men's house shoes in 2022

Best men's house shoes in 2022

If you live in a cold enough climate, investing in a quality pair of house shoes is worth every penny. From November through March, every day starts by sliding into a fuzzy lining that only conforms more to your foot with each passing day. They sit next to your bed, patiently waiting for you in the morning, and are the perfect complement to an early coffee or evening cocktail. And for those who have joined the remote workforce, time has become a flat circle anyway, and slippers pair well with any virtual meeting, regardless of company dress code.

Now we don’t endorse wearing slippers in public, though some do come with rubber soles for added durability and traction. Aside from the occasional mailbox run, slippers are usually best kept to yourself and your loved ones—and not because they aren’t flattering, but because the best slippers have brought the least of the outside world into the sanctuary of your home bubble.

So, let your entryway collect all the sneakers and boots and leave your clean slippers at the door for your return home. Splurging a little on a few of our favorites is the best way to help your feet feel like they’re wrapped in your favorite fleece until the days start getting longer again.