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I Always Go Back to This Skirt Trend—6 Ways I’m Wearing It This Autumn

Big statement incoming: Leather is a staple in my wardrobe. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, leather often looks better with age, meaning it is a great fabrication to invest in and bring out year after year. Secondly, there is always a great choice of leather pieces out there, whether that’s skirts or shirts, jackets or trousers. And there’s always something for every price point. But today, I’m here to talk about just one of these styles, and that’s leather skirts. 

Leather, just like denim, can really anchor your wardrobe and is a great foundation piece that you can style in so many ways. From broderie anglaise in the summer to a chunky mohair knit in the autumn, you might be surprised with what leather can be paired with, and mixing textures and fabrics together often lends a more premium edge to your look.