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The Only Zara Handbags Worth Buying, According to Fashion Editors

Zara has long been a favourite of fashion editors. It’s widely considered a trusty destination for affordable but expensive-looking items that emulate designer currents, and it’s rare for a season to go by without at least a few note-worthy pieces making it onto our edit team’s wish lists.

Not only does this popular high-street brand consistently back the biggest trends (in many cases with a fresh spin), but it releases a steady stream of classic buys that feel like they’ll last long into the future. What’s one of the wardrobe heroes we know we can always find at Zara? Handbags.

That said, there are things to keep in mind when making your next bag purchase there. We’re talking about a high-street store, so even the most premium items may not quite match up to the longevity that you get with a heritage luxury brand. For example, cheap chains can let down an otherwise impressive design, or a slightly too shiny finish can give away the price point. But, not everyone has the budget for a £2000 tote, so here, our editors are breaking down exactly what they look for when perusing the accessories selection and sharing the best Zara handbags right now. Hopefully, it will lead you to make informed decisions for affordable bags that last.