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Meet the Guy Electrifying Classic Cars

I’ve always
been into cars.

My dad taught me how to work on cars in our driveway back in Philly. In our family, when it broke, we fixed it so all the Howards learned to be handy at a young age. I’ve been working on old cars ever since. Usually, once my wife and kids go to bed.

Rob Howard's Kindred Motorworks shop workbench

Rob Howard's Kindred Motorworks shop workbench

No surprise, but my desk is actually more like a shop workbench.

I do my best thinking in the garage. I love working with my hands. The oldest, and perhaps, most important item on here is my Dad’s green toolbox. It’s battered and rusty and still has some of his tools in it. That tool box takes me right back to the basement shop and the driveway repair jobs. The newest item on my desk is probably the stack of drink tickets we were recently handing out at Baja Cantina in Carmel where we put our cars on display for Monterey Car Week. I never had time to partake myself.

I have a lot more fun now, but this is similar to my desk when I started my career.

My first job out of college was as a civil/environmental engineer, so my desk was littered with construction drawings, soil samples and faxed copies of reports. A plain note book and my trusty calculator were there, then and now.

The journey to bring Kindred to life has been an amazing learning experience.

Getting that first prototype vehicle across the line was both our biggest challenge and most rewarding achievement. Our first build-up looked cool, but like most restoration projects, it missed on a number of things. We had to rework the steering (twice), suspension (three times), along with the tires and gauges. That process required thousands of hours, but we learned so much for the next model and that Bronco is now the best Bronco in the world. We have a lot of pride in that vehicle.

I’d say I’m 80% digital these days.

I do a lot via computer and my phone, but I doodle, brainstorm and take notes in my paper notebook. Long ago I stopped writing anything on post it notes or loose sheets of paper which inevitably get lost. I also brainstorm and plan by writing all over my walls and windows. For some reason, standing, pacing and that dry erase marker provide me endless amounts of inspiration.

I tackle my to do list between scheduled calls and meetings.

When it comes to calendars, I have not perfected synching the family calendar with the work calendar which results in a few screw ups every month. At least I’ve been able to integrate TeamSnap’s calendar into my work calendar so soccer and mountain bike team coaching actually happens.