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These H&M Jumpers Are Raking In the Five-Star Reviews

Few high street brands have a hold on us like H&M. Season after season, year after year, the Scandinavian giant continues to impress us with their offering of elevated, good quality, yet affordable hits that become firm favourites in our wardrobes. This autumn, this statement rings particularly true thanks to its sensationally good knitwear offering. Frequently racking up 5 star customer reviews, and with a huge variety of styles, fabrications and colours, H&M’s knitwear selection is, without a doubt, one of the best on the high street. And the cherry on top of it’s cosy cake this year is its best-selling oversized polo neck, a jumper I just so happen to own and very much love. 

As a summer dress obsessive (and a June baby), my friends, family and colleagues have had to deal with my autumn/winter wardrobe stress for many years now. Unlike my fellow editors, I struggle with tailoring, trousers and other winter classics that others rely on, so I know the importance of key pieces that work me, which I can wear in multiple ways and that will – most importantly – will keep me warm during the colder months. And the foundation to this, in my eyes, is always great knitwear.