15 Best Eyebrow Gels 2022 to Shape and Fluff Your Brows

With the right brow products, you can easily manipulate the shape, hair color, and length of your eyebrows. Compared to other mediums (like pomades, pens, and powders), gel formulas are relatively beginner-friendly and whip your brows into shape in a couple of swipes — so these eyebrow products are especially perfect for rushed mornings or quick, five-minute routines.

Eyebrow trends may rise and fall in popularity but it’s safe to say that brow gels are here to stay. Whether you’re going for a “laminated” or soap brow look, eyebrow gels give your brows a fluffy yet structured style in mere seconds. “Lamination is super popular right now because it creates that structure by having the brows stick up,” New York City-based makeup artist Delina Medhin previously shared with Allure. “With that, brow gel is making a comeback because it’s something you can use at home that will give you the same effect,” she noted. 

Tinted brow gels also work wonderfully in conjunction with brow pencils and pens if you prefer a dense, full brow. But on their own, brow gels lend a natural look — especially when you reach for a clear gel.

Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics’s in-house brow expert, also previously recommended using a strong brow gel to groom and trim brows. “Take a clear gel and brush the brow hairs upwards towards the hairline and out towards the temple,” he directed. “Let the gel dry completely, then only trim the ends that are sticking too far out past your desired shape.” And just like that, you’ll never chop off too much or too little.

But how do you sort the “great” brow gels from the “just OK?” New York City-based makeup artist Tobi Henney tells Allure that “the best brow gels will keep the hairs separated and [looking] natural” — and they definitely won’t dry down to a hard, clumpy consistency. (No thanks.) As for choosing the perfect tint, experts have suggested going one to two shades lighter than your hair if you’re a brunette or trying taupe if you’re blonde — but it really depends on your personal preferences. Henney, for example, has blonde ends that she prefers to darken to a brunette shade. 

Whatever brow color you do choose, remember that less is more. “Always remove some of the product before applying,” Henney suggests. “You do not need a lot of product on the spoolie to finish the brow,” so don’t be fooled if these petite tubes don’t seem like they hold enough product — because they’ll last you quite a while.

Keep on reading for the best makeup artist- and beauty editor-approved eyebrow gels on the market — available at your favorite retailers, like Amazon, Sephora, and Ulta — that’ll create feathery, flake-free brows and maintain the shape and hold of your brow hairs for hours on end.