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5 Skincare Rules Dermatologists Wish You Knew

“Always cleanse at night,” says consultant dermatologist Zainab Laftah. “Dead skin cells, sebum, pollution and impurities accumulate on the skin during the day, which can lead to blocked pores and comedones.” If you wear makeup, then it’s especially important to follow this rule since makeup that’s left on skin will further clog pores and in doing so reduces the efficacy of any skincare products you apply.

When you do wash your face, Khorana recommends using lukewarm water, not hot water. “Hot water can do more harm than good,” she advises. “It strips the skin of sebum, healthy fats and oils (cholesterol, fatty acids, ceramides), which are necessary for skin health, and this compromises the skin barrier function.” 

To wash off a day’s worth of makeup, sweat and dirt, remove the bulk of makeup with a micellar water before beginning your cleanse proper. Try adopting the double-cleansing technique, which sees an oil-based cleanser used first to break down any oily substances on the skin, then a gel or foaming face wash to remove any remaining residue.