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I’m a Shopping Expert—These 11 Winter Coats Stopped Me in My Tracks

It’s no secret that I’m more of a summer person, but I have to admit that when the colder weather hits, there is one thing that gets me really excited, and that’s a great winter coat.

As a coat lover, I prioritise a few things when investing in a new style. First, if I’m not warm, my husband says I moan endlessly, so that is always number one on my list. Second, even my most casual of coats have to add an element of polish to my outfit or I just feel, well, a little drab. So with that in mind, I like to invest in styles that feel really special and that I’ll get plenty of wear out of. 

Another key factor to consider when choosing a coat, whether it is from the high street or a designer brand, is quality. I am a stickler for quality, and when it comes to a wool or padded coat, for example, it’s very easy to tell if something has been made poorly. Here’s what I look out for…

One-hundred percent wool coats will always be the warmest fabrication, but keep an eye out for ones that have quite an open weave (if you look closely at the wool, you will see what looks like a grid), as this means the coat will most likely wear quite quickly, especially around the elbows. The weight of the fabric is also important. If there isn’t much weight or the coat isn’t lined, it is likely that it isn’t going to hang well or last as long as other styles. Lastly, in general padded coats are made of down and feather. If they’re not and the price seems too good to be true, they tend to be quite stiff, bulky and unflattering to wear. 

So with all that in mind, plus an ample offering of colours, cuts and shapes available right now, how do you choose which style to buy? Well, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a classic camel coat, and thanks to designers like Totême, this timeless style is fast becoming a key trend this winter. Oversized coats also continue to be an easy way to add a chic touch to your winter look with designers like Isabel Marant and The Frankie Shop making this shape an influencer favourite. Finally, if you love to be super cosy, you will be happy to know that padded coats are here to stay and come in many shapes and colourways this season.

To make things even easier for you, I headed out to see what was in the shops and tried on as many coats as I could find. These are the 11 coats that really stopped me in my tracks.