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16 Seamless Bras That Are So Comfy You’ll Forget You’re Wearing Them

When most people put on a bra each day, they do so reluctantly. All of us bra wearers have had to go through a stage where we eliminate options that just don’t work. Do underwired lacy styles, though pretty, fill you with dread every time you reach for your underwear drawer? Every body is unique, and finding the right shape, cup size and fabrication is largely a process of trial and error.

There’s one key quality you should be aiming for when choosing your everyday bra type: invisibility. Not literal invisibility, obviously, but the right bra should look and feel like it doesn’t exist once you’re finished getting dressed. Ideally, you’ll forget about it within seconds of hooking its clasp or slipping it over your head, but it will still offer the right amount of support.

This is where great seamless bras come in. Free from the frills and frustrations that come with intricate lingerie and overly structured silhouettes, when done right, this barely-there brassiere should provide support without making you suffer for it. And as a bonus, its smooth and streamlined nature means it’ll disappear underneath your outfits no matter how fine that silk shirt or white tee might be. Awkward bumpy finishes, be gone!

We’ve trawled through the internet, consulting real customer reviews along the way, to identify the very best seamless bras that are proven to do what they say they will. Keep scrolling and click your way through to a whole new level of comfort.