Men's Fashion

What We’re Wearing: The Sub-$200 Fit

At Valet. we endorse well-made items that are affordable and accessible. It’s our belief that you don’t always have to buy an expensive jacket or jeans to be the best-dressed guy in the room. Whether you have plenty of disposable income or are balling on a budget, your shopping habits should revolve around the same questions: How does it fit, will I wear this often, and is it too trendy, etc.? Now that the chill in the air is here for good, we will set you up with a foolproof outfit that won’t break the bank, plus you’ll be able to mix these pieces into your current wardrobe.

A solid navy sweatshirt will always be essential for any kit and season. Piece of advice: Keep one in the backseat of your car because you never know when the chill may hit. A nice-fitting tee will take you places—layer underneath the sweatshirt or wear it with a button-down to keep your core extra warm whenever the temps dip below freezing. We’ve already busted the myth about wearing white after Labor Day—whenever you wear it in the colder months, it’s a way to hit the stunt button. Dressing in neutral colors allows you to mix your outfits, and you never look too trendy. Subtlety is always a smart move, especially when you’re buying on a budget. You want to be more interesting than your clothes and not the other way around. This outfit rings up just below $200, so grab a coffee with your remaining funds.