Men's Fashion

Corduroy Is Sophisticated, Sumptuous and Cooler Than Ever

It’s October, and you should be settling into the season and enjoying the autumn breeze. I love this time of year because everything changes—from the leaves on the ground to swapping your summer wardrobe with sturdier cold-weather items. Fall festivities are also popping up. There are pumpkin patches to visit, bonfires to light and a slew of scenic trips to stoke appreciation of the great outdoors. If none of those are your cup of pumpkin-spice tea (but you’re still obligated to attend some mandatory fun), you might as well get some fits off, right?

As we’ve discussed before, workwear has returned to the forefront for menswear today, but it’s gradually heading into a more Ivy/prep approach. Think of giving your double-knees a break and throwing on something corduroy. Last season, we saw a resurgence with the fall fabric, but this year, brands have gotten more creative on how to incorporate the cords into roomier, modern silhouettes.

A few standout pieces that use the fabric in a new way is a popover shirt. Dressy enough to wear on its own and light enough to layer, the utility pocket gives the shirt a practical sensibility. As temperatures start dropping, you’ll appreciate a few corduroy accessories—hats that keep your head warm and dry or a tote bag to keep your electronics from all the outdoor elements. Lastly, a chore coat in this fabric is a must for the colder months. Pair it with a proper oxford shirt and tie or just a sweater vest over a T-shirt. However you style the fabric is up to you, but you might ask yourself, what’s fall without corduroy?