Maximilian Davis Proposes ‘New Hollywood’ Style for Ferragamo

Maximilian Davis, recently appointed to the position of creative director at Ferragamo, presents his first collection for the fashion house. Davis views this season as the beginning of a new era for Ferragamo. Therefore he turns to Ferragamo’s past in Hollywood for creative inspiration. 

Davis’ concept of a “New Hollywood” injects a breath of new air into the famed creative culture in Tinseltown, even as many people wax on about the glitz and glamour of yesteryear. Ferragamo’s take on today’s Hollywood combines ease and sensuality, drawing a comparison to its sunset and sunrise.

The spring-summer 2023 collection from Ferragamo provides a new language of luxury that adds modern clarity to essential items such as the Florentine scarf, which is a reference to the tradition of the fashion brand. Davis outfits the Ferragamo guy in sheer materials to highlight the gentler aspect of the Ferragamo man’s personality.

The high-powered executives of the eighties served as a source of inspiration for tailoring. Still, spring’s tailored looks provide the components of a contemporary wardrobe, such as ideal proportions and materials often designated for women’s clothing. Shirts made of silk organza that have had their collars or sleeves cut off give off a sense of airiness and minimalism.

Davis takes inspiration for this season’s color palette from artist Rachel Harrison’s series titled “Sunset,” drawing parallels between his upbringing in the Caribbean and the illustrious heritage of the Ferragamo brand in Hollywood. Rich hues are available in gradient designs and hand-dyed fabrics. They may range from optical white to deep indigo, from buttery soft yellow to sky blue, with a dash of Pantone Red in favor of Ferragamo’s heritage.

Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2023 Collection