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I’ll Be Wearing These 4 Handbags This Autumn–Here’s How I’m Styling Them

The brand is loved and trusted for its high quality craftsmanship and laser-sharp focus on the luxe wardrobe staples every closet can benefit from, and this range of Polo ID handbags is no exception. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find such premium leather handbags elsewhere for such an impressive price point.

Let’s start with the silhouettes: For those who like their everyday handbags to be neat and versatile, you’ll find that either the saddle or envelope will work perfect to fling on over tailoring, dresses and much more. If you need something a little more capacious, the shoulder bag can carry everything but the kitchen sink and still manage to look completely effortless—it’s particularly good when set against a bohemian dress. On the flip-side, if petite bags have become your go-to over the past few years, you have a great option in the Mini Shoulder Bag. It’s a great option for carrying the bare minimum on those days when you just want to get out and go, and probably carry on well into the evening…