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I Just Had a Huge Zara Delivery—These Are the Only Items I’d Recommend

My review: Purple is making a big splash for A/W 22, so I had to try on this punchy pussy-bow blouse and matching tailored trousers for size. Naturally, the trousers were about 18 miles too long for me (all high-street trousers are, and they’re supposedly made that way for the very purpose of you tailoring them to fit perfectly), but the colour was undeniably fun! The trousers were snug on my thighs,, but to size up would destroy the fitted waist.

The blouse’s taffeta fabrication was satisfyingly weighty and crunchy (if you know, you know), and the bow held its place well unlike other flimsier fabrics that could have easily drooped—what’s more is that it is made from recycled polyester, which is a far better option for the environment than new polyester. It is quite oversized in the body, so I would recommend sizing down if you aren’t as keen on a voluminous fit and want to tuck this in. The sleeves are suitably dramatic, if a little too long on my shorter arms. 

As for the trousers, they reminded me of when Victoria Beckham went through that colour-blocking phase a few years ago. She would often wear very long, wide-leg trousers with stacked heels underneath and a matching or clashing top. It’s a bold look for the office or a night out, but you could easily tone each piece down with more neutral hues. I always appreciate a decent pocket (a real pocket!) on trousers, skirts and dresses, so these were a bonus in such a smart pair of trousers. Ideally, you’d want your tailoring in natural, organic fibres (these would be great in a wool mix, for example), but as they are, at least they are predominantly recycled polyester with a viscose blend.