Neil Patrick Harris Collabs with Ron Dorff

Ron Dorff, all-around entertainer Neil Patrick Harris brings his signature charm and warmth. Harris has partnered with the French-Swedish fashion brand to produce the one-of-a-kind DAD | PAPA capsule collection.

David Burtka, and children. After all, the collection is inspired by how their children refer to them as DAD and PAPA.

Neil Patrick Harris. “I go by Papa so when I started talking with Claus about what we could do together, I thought about Dad and Papa as two variations so fathers would have both options depending on how they’re known.”

Ron Dorff is releasing an exclusive range of kids’ t-shirts, which come in BRO and SIS designs.

Ron Dorff. “Furthermore, to have this beautiful family involved to create something near to their heart and to see it come to life is a very special moment for us all at Ron Dorff.”

World Central Kitchen, a charitable organization founded by chef José Andrés and dedicated to distributing meals in the aftermath of natural catastrophes.

Neil Patrick Harris Collabs with Ron Dorff
Neil Patrick Harris Collabs with Ron Dorff