Emporio Armani Eyewear Makes a Sustainable Proposal

Emporio Armani focuses on its sustainable eyewear for fall-winter 2022 with a delightful new campaign. This season, the attention caters to four different models: two pairs of eyeglasses and two pairs of sunglasses. The styles consist of bio-acetate, which is a material that has at least fifty percent organic material. Furthermore, the eyewear packaging consists of recycled polyester, which includes roughly fifty percent recycled material. 

contemporary vibe. Strong lines, highlighted angles, and translucent colors define the new season. EA4186 is a daring pair of sunglasses designed specifically for men by Emporio Armani.

Charlie Knepper, Carlo TentiSheik UmarJulio TaeñoNuri Son, and Brandy Elice for the ad.

Meanwhile, Marc Goehring styles Emporio Armani’s campaign models for their moment in the spotlight. After having their hair done by Kiyoko Odo and their makeup done by Patrick Glatthaar, the models look their best.