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I Just Tried On Totême’s Cult Autumn Buys—Here’s What’s Worth Investing In

My fellow editors and I often contemplate the age-old question, ‘if you had to wear one brand for the rest of your life what would it be?’ My answer is always Totême. The Swedish brand was founded back in 2014, and is known for its signature minimalist aesthetic which focuses on timeless style over any so-called ‘trends’— part of the reason I’m such a fan. Whether it’s a camel coat, or the perfect pair of black tailored trousers, the collections are based around a uniform of forever pieces that you can (and will happily) pull out season after season. In fact, a lot of their key buys are just restocked again each year, that’s how timeless they are.

That’s not to say Totême does “boring” wardrobe staples though— unique design details and elevated fabrics turn a lot of the label’s pieces into cult buys that go viral within days of release. Take that striped knit which took Instagram by storm a couple of years ago, or last year’s sell out scarf coat that made it onto a thousand wish lists (and basically launched a whole new coat type). The difference from your usual ‘It’ buys is that these classics transcend seasons and refuse to lose their sparkle year after year. The striped knit is still a bestseller two years on and continues to be worn by influencers abound, and the scarf coat has just been restocked for another winter. 

It’s not just me who loves this brand. Toteme has a whole host of stylish disciples, from influencers (Brit girls Lucy WilliamsJessica Skye and India Sehmi are obsessed) to best-dressed celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kourtney Kardashian. Below you’ll see some of the brand’s best pieces, and I think you’ll understand why.

Yes, a lot of the items I would consider to be investments that may require some saving up for. But unlike a lot of seriously high-end designer brands these days, most Toteme pieces still sit between the £100-£1000 price point, despite looking like they’d be a lot more. Plus, incorporating even just one or two items into your wardrobe has the effect of elevating everything else in it—which is why I’d argue that if you pick the right ones, they can make wise investments indeed. 

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