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Fact: No Other Perfumes Are More Popular or Sell Faster Than These 20

Perfume can be an incredibly personal concept. Not only does fragrance have the ability to set your mood or intention for the day ahead, but it can also be a way to bring back memories. But sometimes, we love a scent on the basis that it smells incredible. So much so, that we have to claim it for ourselves. That’s why you may find many may be reluctant to share their signature fragrance—we all want to keep a brilliant scent to ourselves.

There’s nothing like a personal recommendation from someone who is happy toilet you in on their scent. However, the way we’re shopping for fragrance has changed hugely in recent years. Before then, it would be a risk to blind purchase a perfume online—it could be a hit or miss. However, nowadays it’s so much easier to get a sense for fragrance online. Whether it’s being clued up on the notes that you favour, or even ordering from retailers that supply a sample size along with a full-sized scent in your order, so you can try it at home first before committing to the full size. You can even order fragrance discovery sets to find your next fragrance from your favourite brand. It’s never been easier to buy perfume online.