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Suddenly, This Cool Loewe Dress Is Popping Up All Over the Place

We spend a pretty significant amount of our time talking about cult bags and shoes, but cult dresses? They’re entirely rarer. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that there are only ever a couple of dresses that meet the criteria needed to deem them as such. Cast your mind back over the last six months; do any dresses come to mind? Shoes, I can think of Gucci’s crystal slingbacks, The Row’s fisherman sandals, and basically every New Balance trainer ever created. But dresses? Only one stands out, and that’s Loewe’s stretch, tie-dye dress, which you may remember from Kendall Jenner and just about every other fashion person wearing it. That dress? It sold out faster than you can say “must-have”, but the clever people at Loewe saw they were on to a winner. Cue, a fresh new drop of Loewe stretch dresses which, yes, Kendall Jenner is already wearing.