DITA Goes Bold with Fall ’22 Eyewear

DITA harnesses a fun and spontaneous energy for its fall-winter 2022 eyewear collection. The brand finds inspiration in chaos, displaying its creative reaction by focusing on the beauty found in design. The most recent eyewear designs offered by DITA are daring because they pay respect to artists from the past that dared to show a fearless contempt for the conventions of society. These brave souls disrupted the daily rhythm, which resulted in a pause for a period of introspection and development. 

For the fall-winter 2022 campaign for DITA, photographer Greg Miles photographs model Alix Legrand. The fashion model adopts a quirky persona for the ad that perfectly encapsulates DITA’s outlook on the current season. This fall, DITA introduces new frame forms and color palettes, which are firsts for the brand. DITA proposes eyewear styles that provide an alternative method for expressing ourselves among the mayhem. The GRAND-APX, the DUBSYSTEM, and the THAVOS are three unique styles to explore this season.

DITA Fall/Winter 2022 Eyewear Campaign

DITA Goes Bold with Fall '22 Eyewear
DITA Goes Bold with Fall '22 Eyewear