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Hailey Bieber’s Makeup Artist Just Schooled Me on How to Get Fresh, Glowing Skin

While some makeup artists recommend applying concealer before your foundation to get a full-coverage, long-lasting finish, when it comes to Phillips’ iconic fresh-faced looks, any step that risks over-application should be avoided at all costs. “I prefer applying concealer after foundation to ensure I am focusing only on the areas that need the extra coverage,” she reveals. “I apply it with a brush and blend it out with a sponge, setting with a light dusting of powder.”

When it comes to areas of concern, like dark circles, she advises using a colour corrector rather than packing on concealer. “Using a colour corrector under a full-coverage concealer will help to minimise the appearance of dark circles and brighten the under eyes are the same time,” Phillips reveals.

Similarly, when it comes to spots, it’s wise to keep things minimal. She advises, “I use a very small, flat brush and apply concealer directly to the area of concern. Once the concealer is dry, I lightly dust powder over it to set.”