Men's Fashion

Style Strategies: How the Shoe Designer Shops

Describe your style
in five words or less.

To me, that’s a trap. Five words encompassing 35 years of learning about yourself doesn’t seem like enough runway. I’ve lived many lives and have explored many styles as a result of my hobbies outside of fashion—whether that be golf, biking, skateboarding—and it all influences what I choose to wear every day.

What are you shopping
for at the moment?

Oh man, I could go on forever. I have a few watches I’d like to own. But honestly, I’ve been making more space for things instead of buying at the moment. I try to be very fluid with my purchases—the journey of the purchase, or the discovery of the thing, whatever it is, has always been just as important to me.

Your style leans heavy on Americana. What made you gravitate towards it?

I’ve never thought about why … a few things, I guess. I grew up in the era where Tommy, Ralph and Nautica were what my older cousins and uncles were wearing, and I naturally gravitated toward that. We weren’t really a “designer” family. I didn’t know about luxury houses or European fashion until I was a lot older. So I don’t think it was intentional, just what I felt I understood and where I belonged.

How did you know it was time to start your own brand?

My ideas were starting to annoy me because they weren’t out in the world. I needed an outlet for thought and expression and knew I’d never have the opportunity to get it all out under someone else’s employ. I had to jump.

Blackstock and Weber Clasico Tassel Loafer

The Clásico tassel loafer,
$365 by Blackstock & Weber

Who’s the Blackstock & Weber customer? How would you describe them?

I wouldn’t, to be honest. We focus on making a product that’s so good that anyone can f#ck with it. Everyone can watch a Scorsese film and enjoy it because it’s tasteful, well-thought-out and well-executed genius. I aspire to be all those things on a large enough platform so the right people can find us and enjoy our shit.

What brands are you
watching these days?

Real McCoys, RRL and Visvim. There are others like Engineered Garments, 3Sixteen and Thom Browne, but if I had to pick three labels I’d want to wear for the rest of my life it’d have to be those big three.