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I’m a Beauty Editor, and These Are the 16 Under-£10 Products I Buy

I am a huge beauty junkie, so luckily I am in the right profession and I can justify it as work. Fancy beauty products with even fancier price tags bring a certain thrill, but time and time again, brands at a more affordable price point have proven they too have what it takes. 

Contrary to popular belief, a hefty price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a higher quality product. Of course, there are some exceptions. There is a reason why Chanel products cost what they do and why a lot of people will pay a a three-digit price tag for scientifically-driven skincare. For a lot of people, that lifestyle isn’t maintainable, and it doesn’t have to be. Affordable beauty brands are really coming through with the products and that are on par—if not better—than a lot of products at a higher price point. 

A large number of my holy grail products and the products that I use daily are super affordable and my bank account thanks me everyday for the fact. They may not cost you an arm and leg, but there is certainly no scrimping on the formulation or packaging.