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Tip of the Day 8/17

There’s nothing quite like walking into a great hotel room. There’s a rush of satisfaction when you step inside, right? Of course, you don’t always get blessed with a beautiful room. But what if you could up your chances of being granted better accommodations? Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, scoring an upgraded room will go a long way toward increasing the overall pleasure of your trip. Here are three solid ways to get upgraded, and you don’t need to be some road warrior with “elite loyalty status” to enjoy the perks of a nicer space.

The Standard, High Line New York Hudson Studio room

Inside the Hudson Studio room at The Standard, High Line in New York City.

Ask for a Corner Room

If you book early enough, this one is all but guaranteed to score you a larger room with more windows and natural light for no additional cost: Ask for a corner room. Because of the way many hotels are built, corner rooms end up being slightly largerthan other rooms without technically being categorized as fancier luxury suites. If you book directly by phone, you can mention this when you make the reservation. Or you could simply inquire about the option when you check-in.

Lay on the Charm

Tell them how much you love the hotel or the city you’re visiting. How this is your first time staying here and would love the best available room. If you want to tell a little white lie, mention that you’re celebrating a special occasion, like an anniversary or promotion. The person at the front desk may be generous enough to offer up an upgrade or even send up a treat or a bottle of Champagne to your room.

Report a Problem

You want to be careful with this one. It’s a fine line between being “a discerning customer” and a “dick with a complaint.” But hotels want to make sure their guests are comfortable and happy, so if your first impression of your room is lackluster or you notice something wrong upon check-in, go down and let them know before you unpack. The front desk staff is likely to go the extra mile to give you something that elevates your experience.