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6 Style Lessons We Learned From Fashionable Women In Their 40s and Beyond

While Gen-Z is firmly in the throes of Y2K dressing, those of us who remember the low slung jeans and crop tops from the first time around are looking elsewhere for some fashionable inspiration. It is a widely known fact that great style is ageless, and  some of the most stylish women in fashion are in their 40s, 50s and 60s, and have spent a lifetime curating their refined looks while still making current trends work for them. 

There are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned in how to build a timeless wardrobe (get ready to take notes), but also how to stay true to your own personal style, as fashion is all about self expression and what makes you feel good above all else. Having been guilty of buying into a quick fads and whatever is trending on TikTok, I’m changing to a better approach to shopping, always bearing in mind what will stand the test of time, and get the most wear in the future too. 

So, after looking to some of my favourite over-40 fashion bloggers and influencers for inspiration, I found some reoccurring tips for stylish dressing at any age. From statement silhouettes to the a classic wardrobe must-have, keep scrolling to see some pointers from the  fashion bloggers and influencers who know how to dress in your 40s, 50s and 60s, and are inspiring my outfits going forward.