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Maxi Dresses Are It for 2022—31 I’m Obsessed With for Weddings

I attended six weddings last year, and even though I had fewer this year, I’ll admit I was less than enthused at the prospect of deciding what to wear to them. I always try to get more wear out of the pieces I already own, but in need of some inspiration for the months ahead, I thought, Why not invest in one fresh look to get me through? The style I chose? A maxi dress. Being petite, I tend to gravitate toward midi styles, which seem to land nearer my ankle anyway. However, after seeing the impressive maxi dresses on offer, I decided to embrace the look.

Sure, I had to get the one I settled on taken up slightly to save it from dragging along the floor, but just like that, I fell in love with long hemlines. With the ability to make me feel polished even when adhering to the leanest of budgets, maxi dresses have helped me to rediscover the joy of getting properly dressed up—and just in time for me to resume my role of devoted wedding guest.