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Style Strategies: How the Ultimate Menswear Insider Shops

Describe your style
in five words or less.

Does it make me smile?

Manresa Ram Island Short

The Ram Island short,
$105 by Manresa

What are you shopping for at the moment?

Some new sunglasses from Garrett Leight. And a pair of Ram island shorts from Manresa, that’s about all I need right now.

Manresa Ram Island Short

The Ram Island short,
$105 by Manresa

You’ve worked in editorial and in retail. How’d that experience lead to what you’re doing with Untitled Group?

My career has been a succession of new experiences that have occupied the same realm, but I’ve never done the same job twice. I’ve often joked that I’ve never taken a job that I knew how to do. All my experiences from building window displays to reviewing runway shows to developing e-commerce websites help me understand the challenges and opportunities fashion and luxury businesses have now.

Can you give us a little more insight on what the company does?

Untitled Group is an investment firm focused on the luxury, fashion and wellness sectors. The idea is to partner with innovative companies, founders and creative teams to help them take their companies to the next level of success.

Do you remember the first coat that started the #coatchronicles?

Damn, I don’t. There’s just been too many. But please note that I’d been trying on coats for a long time before I photographed one—like approaching decades. So much so that I am now designing them with Sannino Napoli.

What’s one item that every man needs in his closet?

I guess it would be pretty out-of-character if I didn’t say a trench coat, right?