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I Spent Two Weeks in Greece—Here’s Everything I Packed and Wore

It just so happened that my first holiday in three years would be a big one—15 days in fact—and before having a packing meltdown, I set about building a capsule wardrobe that would create as many outfits as possible with as few pieces as possible. (Although, you will have to allow me changes of shoes.) And for the first time ever, I perfected the formula for holiday dressing, and the secret is… swimwear

With a forecast of nearly 32° every day, my main focus was pieces that would stay cool and look good, and it turned out that, with the exception of a couple of light and airy dresses, bikinis and one-piece costumes would form the basis of everything I wore. Whether paired with shorts, under skirts or, of course, on their own, it turned out that all I would require in my case for a fortnight of island hopping would be a few changes of swimwear, cotton separates, a couple of cover-ups and my favourite jewellery

Below are some of the looks I chose for my trip, with each piece able to mix and match with another. There’s also a very handy scarf-styling tip for those extra low on space. So consider this a maximalist’s guide on what to wear in Greece with minimal fuss.