Giorgio Armani Delivers a Stylish Holiday in Deep Blue

Published on July 27, 2022

Giorgio Armani unveils its holiday collection for fall-winter 2022. The lineup embodies the Italian brand’s signature design traits while looking to soften the style codes. The range harmoniously plays up a season of contrasts with a mix of silk, pinstripes, velvet, knitwear, and more. For the man of Giorgio Armani, there are several wardrobe standouts, ultimately contributing to modern essentials that can be mixed or matched.

In a fashion familiar to Giorgio Armani, the holiday season unfolds with a beige, green, deep blue, gray, and brown color palette. Giorgio Armani enlists models Otto Lotz and Etienne Robert as the faces of the season. The duo inspires in pieces such as the overshirt, which continues to shine as a trendy item, with the staple representing a chic replacement for the suit jacket. Giorgio Armani also proposes the field jacket as a new option for more distinguished looks.

Meanwhile, additional outerwear choices range from bomber jackets and parkas to double-breasted blousons. The stylish jackets are available in leather and cloth and pair well with cigarette pants, wide-leg trousers, and tube-shaped cargo pants. For shoes, Giorgio Armani champions the square toe and design inspired by architecture. 

Giorgio Armani Fall 2022 Holiday Collection