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The Best Caps for Summer

After T-shirts, hats are the next best signifier of your interests without having to actually say it. They’re also a summer vacation staple—a good cap will keep the sun out of your eyes and makes for the perfect throw-on accessory for those lazy days when you don’t want to do your hair.

Of course, there’s a lot of different caps to consider. The ultimate headwear accessory comes in a wide range of fits and fabrics—from classic 5-panel designs in canvas or twill to outdoorsy nylon options, and even trucker styles. The key to rocking them well is knowing your head shape. Personally, I have a small dome, so I always gravitate towards a nylon or canvas twill 5-panel cap. I love the construction and those materials will last through rain, snow or sun.

Styling hats should always look unintentional. You have a suit on? Don’t be afraid to throw on a nice, fitted cap. Or top off a jeans-and-T-shirt fit with a sturdy canvas hat. Also, you never have to choose between shades or a hat—both are always welcomed and complement each other nicely. We’ve picked some of the best and most unique hats out right now, so take your pick, and don’t forget to pack one when you go on vacation.