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I’m Seeing These 5 Nail Designs All Over Instagram, and I Want In

When it comes to choosing a nail design for any upcoming salon appointment I might have, it’s safe to say I get overwhelmed. The truth is, there is just too much choice. I’m the sort of person that struggles to choose a shade of polish from the wheel, let alone settle on a particular nail art design. And I have made many nail mistakes as a result of this indecisiveness, trust me. 

Unless I already have a clear idea of how I want my nails to look when I walk out of the salon, it’s almost certain that I will get flustered, feel conscious that I’m taking too long to decide and eventually make a rash decision that I will regret. (I’m still trying to rid my memory of the time I decided to get a shimmering white gel manicure in the midst of fake tan season.)

To avoid such regrets, I now ensure that I arrive at the salon with visual inspiration to show my nail tech. I usually turn up with three or four designs that I would be happy with and let her choose one. And this year I am totally spoilt for choice. Instagram is a flurry of great, trending designs I’m desperate to get on my nails. So, if like me you struggle to make your mind up, keep scrolling for the 5 trending nail ideas I can’t wait to try in 2022.