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I’m an Editor—These 9 Summer Items From The Row Are Truly Worth the Investment

If you’re a regular reader of Who What Wear UK, you’ll know we’re big believers in curating a more sustainable capsule wardrobe, full of pieces you truly love. Buying less better items means you’ll more confidently be able to pull items out of your closet season after season, and some classics even remain wearable all year round. That’s not to say everything needs to be a luxury investment, you’ll also know we love to hunt down expensive-looking items on the high street that do the same job. But when it comes to those hero pieces you wear to death—the perfect white shirt or pair of black tailored trousers, for example—prioritising quality over quantity will ensure the longevity you’re looking for. 

When you are choosing to invest in those items, it’s understandable that you might want a little extra guidance as to which brands and pieces we editors believe are truly worth your money. We’ve worked in this industry a long time, after all, and had the opportunity to get up close and personal with fabrics and designs from so many different brands. Hands down the one we all stand behind for the best wardrobe staples, though, is The Row